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Phone append- Do Not Call Legislation

When considering a phone append to  your client file, it is important to know who you may contact. Businesses may call consumers with whom they have an established relationship with for up to 18 months after their last purchase.  Even if … Continue reading

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Consumer Emails – What to know

All our consumer email addresses are opted-in confirmed, with up to 62 demographic attributes and 21 behavioral attributes on each file. The data is compiled from over 9000 partner websites, websites that we own and operate or partner with on … Continue reading

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Phone Append- How it works

Phone append to your existing in-house file, there are automatic systems in place where the file can be uploaded and then “telling” the system what to do. Generally, the file has to be in some specific formats before being uploaded.  … Continue reading

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Phone Append – What is it?

In this week’s blog, we want to talk about appending phones.  What is it? Phone appends are simply taking a file of customers you may currently have and attaching a phone number to that person. Many businesses have reasons for … Continue reading

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