Create a List - Direct MailDirect Mail Marketing, Email Marketing and Database Appending can seem like a daunting task…

Create an Email ListBut, what if you didn’t have to do all of the heavy lifting?

Create a Campaign - Direct Marketing and Email Marketing CampaignsAt March Direct Marketing we focus on results and providing first rate customer service. We will work with you to achieve optimum results for your direct marketing campaign and will connect you with the best possible leads.

Mailing Lists, Email Lists, Phone Lists:

We offer comprehensive consumer and business mailing lists, high quality telephone numbers, and excellent email addresses for generating new business or developing a new donor database.

Services:  Email blasts, Direct Mail, Database appending and cleanup, creative and lettershop, Non-Profit Acquisition

At  March Direct Marketing, we believe in ethical, honest business practices. 

– We work diligently to protect the integrity of your business

– We strictly adhere to the requirements of Do Not Call and CAN-SPAM laws

At the same time, we provide cost effective solutions to meet your needs, either through a one-time campaign or a multi-layered integrated marketing program.

We help you:

– Identify your target market

– Contact  your target market in the most effective ways, whether by direct mail, email, or other marketing channels

– Acquire and retain new customers in your target market

We make sure your marketing campaign is a good investment:

There are cases where we run counts on our databases and once they return, we have to tell the customer the quantity vs. cost is not a good investment.  Or, if you have a large project, we recommend doing a test first to a smaller number of records.  We do this testing to insure you are pleased with results before executing a much larger campaign.  This also allows for any changes to the campaign beforehand in case an element is missing from the data that could define even better results.  Fine tuning is key.   If we know a campaign is not going to be successful, based on our past experiences, we will tell you.  We know reputation is everything and we want to earn your trust.

Whether you want a single campaign using a single channel (like direct mail) or an integrated campaign using multiple channels (direct mail, email blasts, etc.) and need multiple support services (graphics, mailing services, flyer or webpage design), our staff can handle your requirements.







We provide direct mail leads throughout the United States and internationally.

Our specialities include:

We invite you to explore our web site, build your own list or contact us directly to go over your direct marketing needs!