Six steps of Email Marketing for Acquisition (3 of 3)

Email Marketing
Our elists include double opt-in emails.

Once you have the creative ready, insure the company or broker you are working with does a “test” BEFORE the actual campaign is sent out. This is important because this allows you to send it to a few co-workers, yourself, or anyone you would like to see the email creative to assist with looking for grammatical errors, insuring the links work correctly and just a general visual of what the email recipient is going to see. This is a great way to test the viability and the ease of clicking through the creative so there are no issues. Once the testing is done, then you will approve it to go to the recipients.
This brings up another good point. What are the best days and times to send this? Generally, when you are sending to consumers, you will want to broadcast your campaign from Tuesday through Thursday. Mondays and Fridays and weekends are generally not as receptive as the mid week points. Time? That depends on you. Some customers prefer the creative to be in the inbox as soon as the recipient is ready to open their inbox for the day. Others prefer mid morning or early afternoon, so the creative may have less chance of being deleted because of too many emails in the inbox from the early morning.
The last thing on the email acquisition campaign is the reporting. Insure whomever you are working with that you receive reports that show you the number of opens, the click through rates and number of actual delivered emails.
These reports are generated 3-5 days after the campaign to allow for some recipients to have enough to open the email. Then, you may want to see if another report can be generated 2 days after the first. In most cases, reporting will allow for 2-3 reports being generated to see the progress. Obviously, you will see the highest numbers in the first and second reports with the numbers being smaller in subsequent reporting.
In the end, it’s the results that you are looking for. The best email acquisition campaigns are those that have a solid promotion or offer that can be tracked to insure your money is being spent wisely and that you are gaining new customers for your business!

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