Enhancing Your Customer Database

Is your current list or database of customers getting outdated? Enhancing or appending to it can be highly beneficial.

Here are some ways to enhance your lists:
NCOA: National change of address done through the USPS. This updates addresses for those who have moved up to 4 years, giving their current address in or out of state.

Email append: Appending emails to your current customers.

Phone append: Appending current landline and cell phone numbers to your file. If they are on the Do Not Call legislation, we can code the records to reflect those that are.

Age append: Appending estimated, exact age and month/year of birth to your records.

These are just a few of the most popular enhances to files, but keep in mind, there are over 700 demographic elements that can also be applied. Picking and choosing which ones to append is entirely up to you.
Enhancing your client file has many benefits. It brings you up to date on where they are and how you want to re-connect with them.