Direct Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations: Part 1

Non profit organizations can reap large contributions from direct marketing. Whether it is direct mail or email marketing, the two-fold approach of utilizing direct mail in conjunction with email lists has proven to give excellent results.

In our diverse economic times, donations for non-profits are down. Many organizations have seen regular, stable contributors tighten their purse strings.

Many have turned to more acquisition marketing via direct mail lists and email marketing to enhance the donation spectrum.

What kinds of direct mail lists and email marketing campaigns are they doing? That all depends on the non-profit organization’s focus, of course.

For those that directly assist individuals in need, there is emphasis on several factors. Additionally, animal rescues and animal non-profits have many good alternatives too.

For those that help people, they are looking at consumer mailing lists that can be enhanced with donor files. Examples are donors to civic causes, health, children and religious focuses and even those that donate to veterans. Additionally, this can be done with certain income levels, gender specific and presence or ages of children, along with many other criteria to choose from. For animal non-profits, there are donors of animal causes along with selections of mailers and e-mailers that can target animal ownership by dog, cat or horses, to name a few.

Next week we will geographically targeted marketing as well as the benefits of email marketing.

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