2013: The Year of Direct Marketing?

What will this year bring? That’s the question on every business owner’s mind. Although we forecast based on marketing efforts, projects in the pipeline and other speculation, everything can change rapidly.

Last year and going into this year has proven to be a busy time for non-profit marketers. It is apparent that this sector is doing everything possible to expand, grow and appeal for donations and targeted, direct marketing campaigns have proven to be an effective solution for them.

Personally, I enjoy getting new projects to make recommendations and try to zero in on the perfect target audiences. I also enjoy and love animals of all kinds and the non-profit sectors offer a large array of opportunities for discovery. So, with so many animal rescue facilities nationwide, my passion lies with targeting the best prospects to help each individual organization meet their marketing needs.

Whether it is dog, cat or horse rescue, the benefits of a good direct marketing campaign go a long way. Having access to great vendors that gather information on particular animal owners and donors is key. Then, overlaying income, ages, gender and other attributes, such as donors to specific causes, makes this marketing not only fun, but rewarding.
Then we take their internal database and overlay attributes to the donors they already have. This can be very telling to see what their current list looks like. There are so many demographics that can be tied together to those individuals. This gives the organization a fresh, clean start on many levels of a more personal acquisition.

Similar strategies can be applied to all kinds of organizations when planning a direct marketing campaign, so make 2013 the year you reach out to your target market with a direct marketing campaign. We look forward to the opportunity to further improve the marketing efforts of our clients this year.

All the best in 2013!