Consumer Profiling: Track Your Customers and Improve Your Targeted Marketing

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What is consumer profiling in the data world? Consumer profiling provides the insights you need to understand the characteristics of your best customers so that you can target similar consumers. More focused targeting is not only cost-effective, but allows you to fine tune your offers to meet the needs of your audience.

How does profiling work? You provide a list of your best customers and we will:

  • Append your desired behavior attributes
  • Append your desired demographics such as age, income, presence of children, homeowner vs. renter, to name a few.  (there are over 700 demographics to choose from).
  • Compare your customer list to our universe
  • Return a comprehensive profile report indicating the penetration values on your customer list
  • Make recommendations to you for the best approach to your direct mail or comprehensive email campaign.

Next week we will discuss the many attributes that can be applied to your customer list in order to improve your targeted marketing efforts.