Phone append- Do Not Call Legislation

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Our appending services will ensure you have the most current information about your potential customers.

When considering a phone append to  your client file, it is important to know who you may contact.

Businesses may call consumers with whom they have an established relationship with for up to 18 months after their last purchase.  Even if they are on the Do Not Call List.

In addition, a company may call a consumer for up to three months after the consumer makes an inquiry or submits an application to the company. And if a consumer has given a company written permission, the company may call even if the consumer’s number is on the National Do Not Call Registry.

Keep in mind, if the consumer tells you they want to be removed from being called, then you must comply even if you have an established business relationship.

Exempt Organizations:

Exempt Organizations include charities or certain non-profit organizations, organizations engaged in political solicitations or surveys, or Sellers or Telemarketers that call ONLY consumers with whom they have an established business relationship or from whom they have obtained the express written agreement to call.
Not everyone is exempt.

To insure you are in compliance or exempt visit: