Consumer Emails – What to know

All our consumer email addresses are opted-in confirmed, with up to 62 demographic attributes and 21 behavioral attributes on each file. The data is compiled from over 9000 partner websites, websites that we own and operate or partner with on a revenue share base. The demographics we select and categorize are numerous and enable us to provide our customers unique detailed choices.

We TRACK all email campaigns after they have been sent. You will be images (3)able to log into your account and see the tracking results including how many emails were sent, delivered, opened and other results including which links within an email are getting the most response. This will help you in better targeting future campaigns. You will be able to see the list of IP Addresses from where the emails were opened, including city and state. NO other email marketing company offers these features.

Our Opt-In Email Process

  1. We develop detailed information about businesses and consumers for our databases from over 9000 of our own websites including Rev-Sharing with similar sites.
  2. We give the consumer a chance to opt-out of the e-mails. If they choose to un-subscribe, we permanently remove their address from our database and no future mailing will be sent to them.
  3. We match their information to the information we have in our database of millions of consumers to verify authenticity of their record.  Additionally, we also send online surveys to consumers to gain on-line behavior habits and personal demographics, further enhancing our database