Improved Direct Mail Advertising

Improved Direct Mail Advertising

Direct Mail and Social Media

Direct mail is alive and well.  Today, however, some of the most effective and innovative advertising is being delivered to the mailbox.

Creativity is more important than ever.  Color, targeting the correct medium and developing a visual sense to grab the customer’s eye.

Business owners and marketers really need to put the emphasis on who their customers are.

A recent call with a new client that manufactures vehicles and lifts for handicapped individuals, felt that men, ages 18-60 were the target audience.  After questioning what they made and how it was used, it was very apparent that wheel chair bound individuals and those with mobility issues along with veterans were the perfect audience.  All three categories can be tied together to yield the perfect candidate.  The result?  Return on investment.

Of course, it’s hard to know what data is available to you.  What is more important is to talk with someone that has the expertise and knowledge of your prize demographic target.  Additionally, when you are working with ailment or mobility issue data, you want to be sure it is HIPAA compliant.  A good direct marketing professional will caution on that note and also explain how the direct mail piece should be addressed to keep it compliant.

In closing, if you are seeking a specific audience to target your service or product, just ask!