Consumer Profiling: Using Your Customer Data to Construct a Mailing List

With records on more than 240 million U.S. consumers, our national compilation of marketing information is unparalleled in scope. We use an original source compiler that has been collecting data from hundreds of primary sources.

When constructing your mailing list, hundreds of data elements are available for your profile analysis, including:
• Attitudes
• Buying behavior
• Dwelling type
• Estimated income
• Ethnicity
• Exact age
• Family composition
• Financial activity
• Gender
• Generations
• Homeownership
• Mail order responsiveness
• Net worth
• Occupation
• Online activity


Consumer profiles are developed to meet your direct marketing objectives, whether that is improved response on your next mailing list and marketing campaign or a penetration report for market share plans. You select the specific data elements that best meet your requirements and we deliver an analysis that offers a report of:
• Value distribution
• Counts and percentages for each value
• Penetration index

Profiling is a fast and easy way to identify top prospects for your products and services. Intuitive list campaign planning is both expensive and ineffective. Marketers today rely on predictive analytics to narrow their targets for increased response.

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