Targeted Direct Mail Yields the Best Results

There are many things to consider when you are planning a direct mail campaign. First, what products or services are you offering?  Do you already have a strong customer base? What will be your “call to action”?

Many marketers do saturation mailings.  No name, just a geographical area; the mail piece falls where the USPS delivers it.

Consider using demographics such as age, income, children, homeowner status, etc. Much will depend on the product you offer as to how you will consider the best demographics to target.

For example, if you’re marketing solar panels, consider people with higher income levels, homeowners and buyers of green products.  Geography can also be a factor.  Some areas may be more prone to purchase this sort of product than others.  There are some lists that even have multi-buyers of alternative energy.  Costly, yes, but can be very targeted.

Mortgage brokers many times will target mortgage elements; homeowners with income and summarized credit scores, specific mortgages of VA, Conventional or FHA loans, length of residence and then omitting those who have recently refinanced their homes.

As you can see, getting a customized and closely targeted list can yield potentially high results!  Talk to a marketing minded list broker who thinks outside the box and is willing to give you sound advice and feedback.  Don’t talk to an order taker.