Phone Append- How it works

Phone append to your existing in-house file, there are automatic systems in place where the file can be uploaded and then “telling” the system what to do.
Generally, the file has to be in some specific formats before being uploaded.  Comma delimited is the most commonly used file.  Additionally, having separate fields is also important.  First name, last name, city, state, zip in separate fields and then the entire address in one field works best.

Once the file is uploaded into the system, we can then tell the system how to attach the phone numbers to the file.  Matching logic is based on several ways to find the people to append the number.

Here are some examples:

First Name or First Initial

  • Middle Initial
  • Street Name
  • House Number

First Name

  • Street Name
  • Middle Initial or (Apartment Number or ZIP Code) or First name or First Initial
  • House Number
  • Middle Initial or ZIP Code Street Name
  • House Number

These are just a few examples.  There are more ways to attach a number looking at different matchings.

Of course, you will never get 100% appended phones.  With Do Not Call legislation, if you remove the Do Not Call numbers, the append will be lower.  If you keep those numbers, then the append rate will be higher.  Additionally, it also depends on how old or new your file is. In regard to Do Not Call legislation, we will go over that next week.