Six steps of Email Marketing for Acquisition (2 of 3)

In part one of the blog, we discussed the acquiring of the emails.  What to look for, questions to ask and opt in information.

The next step is to insure you have the right message.

In email marketing, you will need to have a HTML creative.  This is not a PDF or word document.  It is actual “coding” with graphics, if you prefer, that will look like a postcard.  The HTML is a coding that will allow you to provide live links to, possibly, different areas of your website.  It may allow the email receiver to click on a link and enter a special promotion code.  An example of that would be if you are, for example, a resort or hotel sending out a special holiday or weekend offer to gain new customers.  Other links may be informative or may take the email receiver to a coupon offer.  It all depends on what you are trying to achieve and who you are targeting.

In some cases, customers that are doing and email acquisition campaign do not have any idea about HTML code or creative.  It is imperative you have this in place before you begin the campaign or at least have the resources to create it.  List brokers can generally offer this to you, either by a referral or they may have staff that can assist you with the creative piece.  Either way, you will want to consider that this alone is what the customer is going to see as soon as they open the email.  So, make it a good creative.  Generally, if you keep it simple, yet effective for the message, that is always the best policy.  You do not want someone getting caught up in graphics or too many links.

Next week we discuss campaign completion and timing.

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